Assistive Technology Technical Support

Assistive technologies require skilled technical support for people to be able to use them effectively. This type of support should always be provided by specialists who have received training in assistive technology and know how to troubleshoot potential issues effectively.

Our team of expert Technical Support Technicians are available to help our customers whenever a technical issue arises. Our knowledgeable team have many years of experience using a variety of assistive technologies and are on hand Monday-Friday to help support you.

All of our technicians go through the most recent software accreditations, as well as get their hands on newly released computer hardware to be able to identify where common errors crop up and more importantly, how to solve them and get them working.

Technical Support for Individuals

We offer individual technical support contracts that run in one, two or three year durations to cover you when things crop up.

Our technicians are available Monday-Friday from 09:00-17:30 and are contactable by phone or email to help resolve your queries.

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Technical Support for Organisations

With larger organisations we offer a couple of options, either a rate per employee who is required to be covered or alternatively an hour’s bank. With the hours bank, we offer 1st, 2nd or 3rd line support to meet your requirements and drawdown from an agreed number of hours.

Similarly to the individual technical support, our technicians are on hand Monday-Friday from 09:00-17:30 however will have an agreed SLA on response times.

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Assistive Technology Support FAQs

Why assistive technology?

For employees with different learning disabilities or other disabilities, an assistive technology service can be very beneficial in providing the extra support they need to perform their job duties successfully. These technologies can also aid education processes, boosting certain skill deficits to provide disabled employees with an overall more level playing field in the workplace.

By providing technical support for your adaptive or assistive technology, you can ensure that your employees always have access to the tools they need to succeed and can make the most out of them.

What technical support do assistive technology tools need?

As they are often electronic devices, certain assistive technology tools require technical support in order to function properly. For example, text-to-speech software may need to be configured to work with the employee’s specific computer system.

In addition, some digital technology tools may need to be updated on a regular basis in order to keep up with the latest advances in technology, for example, augmentative and alternative communication devices or certain types of computer hardware.

How does adaptive or assistive technology support workers?

Employers can support the learning process of workers with a physical or learning disability by providing the right digital tools and developing customised work tasks. This can help employees with learning difficulties or disabilities excel in the workplace.

For example, an employee who has a visual impairment can be given text-to-speech software, such as talking spell checkers, electronic dictionaries and talking calculators, to help them with their work tasks. These types of digital tools can make it easier for employees to complete their work and improve their productivity.