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Empowering Accessibility: Navigating Access to Work (AtW) and Harnessing Assistive Technology (AT)

Mar 4, 2024

3-minute read


At Thriiver, we are dedicated to helping individuals along their Access to Work (AtW) journey. To allow people to navigate the process confidently, we have added a new section on our website under the ‘Access to Work’ tab which explains what it is, eligibility criteria, funding, and what it could be used for. We have also created an accessible Microsoft Word document, which is a step-by-step guide to the process an individual takes to receive their funding.  

Assistive Technology (AT)  

Technology plays a crucial role in facilitating reasonable work adjustments and promoting inclusivity and productivity in organisations. Technology solutions contribute to creating more accessible work environments for employees with disabilities, health conditions, and neurodiversity. Assistive Technology (AT) is a type of support available through AtW. AT comprises a range of devices, software, and equipment that is specifically designed to assist individuals in the workplace with performing tasks that might be difficult for them. These adjustments are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, ensuring a personalised and effective approach to accessibility.  

At Thriiver, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of AT solutions designed to enhance workplace accessibility. Here are some examples of the support available:  

  • Speech recognition software: tools like Dragon offer invaluable assistance to individuals with, for example visual impairments, pain while using a keyboard or mouse, and trouble with spelling. This software empowers professionals in the workplace by making them more comfortable and confident in their roles, reducing some of the anxiety associated with completing tasks slowly, misspelling words, or feeling like they aren’t performing at the same level as their colleagues.  
  • Screen readers: software such as JAWS or AccessAngel, plays a pivotal role in making digital content accessible to individuals with, for example, visual impairments by converting text to speech. 
  • Screen magnifiers: allow users to zoom in on webpages to see the content at a very high magnification (500%+). It is used by individuals who often have a restricted field of view, tunnel, or visual impairment, so cannot use a website at normal magnification levels. 
  • Input devices: adaptive keyboards, switches, and eye-tracking systems empower individuals, with limited motor function to interact with computers and other devices effectively. For instance, a split keyboard can alleviate discomfort and fatigue. 

The impact of AT in the workplace  

Access to appropriate AT isn’t just about bridging gaps – it’s about empowering individuals to excel in their roles and contribute to their fullest potential. Beyond fostering inclusion and diversity, AT offers many benefits for employees and employers.  

By enabling individuals to overcome barriers, AT enhances productivity and efficiency in the workplace, driving organisational success. Moreover, it nurtures a culture of innovation and creativity, encouraging approaches to problem-solving and fostering a dynamic work environment. 

Empowering through training 

While AT implementation is a great first step that individuals can take, its efficiency is greatly amplified with proper training. Recognising this, Thriiver offers experienced in-house trainers dedicated to ensuring you derive the maximum benefit from your AT solutions. With tailored training programs, we equip you with the skills and confidence needed to harness the full potential of AT in your professional endeavors.  


In conclusion, Access to Work serves as a powerful enabler, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and thrive in the workplace. By embracing solutions such as AT, employers not only fulfill their legal obligation but also foster a culture of accessibility, equality, and empowerment for all employees. In addition, employees feel empowered by breaking down barriers allowing them to succeed in the workplace.

Want to know what other support we provide?  

Alongside AT, we also offer bespoke Workplace Strategy Coaching and Co-Coaching, to help you through your professional journey. Are you interested in finding out more? Click here to read our blog.

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