AccessAngel (Free Trial)


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AccessAngel allows you to better connect with your customers.

Improve the website experience for your customers with the AccessAngel website accessibility toolbar. Around 6.3 million (10% of the UK population) have dyslexia or a similar condition which can often hinder the way they digest information, especially written content on websites.

With AccessAngel, they can customize their experience on your website to allow them to receive the information you want to get across easily, whilst also making the website more usable and inclusive.


  • Provide support to disabled and non-native English speakers
  • Provide a memorable experience on your website
  • Show you care about your customers


Try it free for three months – no contracts, no ties. The trial will automatically cancel upon expiration.


1. Text To Speech

Have your content read back clearly in a native voice in over 20 languages. Aids those with visual impairments or hidden disabilities, whilst opening up your site to international visitors.

2. Speech Recognition

With the highly accurate Speech Recognition feature, website visitors can fill out contact forms, input checkout information or interact in a live chat session, all with their voice. AccessAngel can recognise over 100 languages.

3. Page Translation

Massively increase your international reach with Page Translation. AccessAngel translates your content into over 80 languages and can be used in conjunction with Text to Speech and Speech Recognition for even greater accessibility.

4. Magnification

Magnification is essential for website visitors with a sight impairment. Our magnification tool allows visitors to increase the size of content by up to 500%.