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Hands Free Computing is changing – Thriiver

Feb 28, 2022

Hands Free computing is changing its name.

From March 8th Hands Free Computing will become known as Thriiver.

The name itself represents the end result for the people we work with, and how they feel when they finally have the understanding, the tools and the confidence to achieve. Whether that be in education, in work, in gaining work or just in life.

It’s spelt with two i’s, why is that? The two i’s represent the interaction between two people which is at the heart of everything we do. Our training, our coaching, our tech support, the way we support our customers, all hinge on 1:1 interaction.

What’s happening: Hands Free Computing is changing its name to Thriiver.

When is it happening: We are currently telling those closest to us first, but the public change will happen from 7th March.

Why is it happening: Since its inception in 1997, the company has grown to support people with a much wider range of needs in a wider range of environments, Thriiver reflects this, and the impact we can have.

What does it mean?: Only our name is changing, you’ll still receive the same high levels of service.

Did you know we offer far more than just industry leading training on assistive technology software.

Frequently asked questions

  • Orders placed to Hands Free Computing will still be processed as normal.
  • We will have a new email address @thriiver.co.uk but all of our old email addresses will continue to work.
  • Our physical address and phone numbers will remain the same.
  • All existing contracts remain unaffected.
  • Our bank details will remain the same`
  • We still have the same management team, directors and shareholders
  • Our registered company number will remain the same
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