Workplace Coaching & Co-Coaching

What is Coaching?

Our coaching sessions cover a real variety of topics to help people with soft skills both in the workplace and during pre-employment. Throughout a series of coaching sessions, we look at how you operate, including any areas you may experience difficulties or excel at. The key behind the sessions is to utilise your strengths to overcome your weaknesses.

Our coaches will work with you to create and implement strategies that play off of your strengths and can be used in many areas of your life such as at home and work.

What is Co-Coaching?

Co-coaching is a way for employers to explore difficulties faced by their neurodiverse colleagues. Enabling new ways to communicate and work together and work together more efficiently. Co-coaching is often helpful when performance issues at work have escalated into a performance management process. It is often delivered alongside one to one coaching.

Co-coaching can benefit anyone with conditions ranging from dyslexia, to ADHD, to brain injuries or chronic illnesses.

What does this mean for individuals?

We will adapt your series of coaching to your learning style to best ensure you get the most out of your sessions.

Our coaches provide practical strategies that are tailored to you. These are then reinforced with a coaching report to reference each session and all of the suggested strategies.

Relieve your stress and increase your output to flourish at home and in work.

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What does this mean for employers?

Our specialist coaches will work with your staff member to tackle specific areas they may be struggling with.

The input from a client’s manager is crucial in establishing the right goals and areas of focus for each series of coaching.

Watch your employee grow through their coaching and increase their productivity in the workplace.

Popular areas of focus covered in coaching

  • Communication skills
  • Confidence building & assertiveness
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Decision making
  • Taking notes & listening
  • Short-term memory
  • Planning, prioritising & organisation
  • Managing time
  • Managing stress
  • Attention & concentration
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