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Empower your Team: Manager Awareness Training

Feb 5, 2024

2 minute read


Effective leadership isn’t just about commanding teams but also about understanding and embracing their diversity. At Thriiver, we recognise managers’ pivotal role in fostering inclusive work environments where every individual’s unique strengths are valued. This led us to create our ‘Manager Awareness Training’, to act as a transformative journey designed to equip leaders with the insights and tools needed to navigate neurodivergent teams with confidence.

Understanding the need

According to the charity ADHD Aware, more than 15% of the UK population have neurodivergent traits. Despite this significant presence, many workplaces still lack the understanding and support necessary to harness the potential of neurodiverse talent fully. Research carried out by O2 found that 81% of employees feel they could be better supported in the workplace. However, enterprises such as Microsoft 365 and SAP are dedicated to fostering an inclusive company culture. They’ve initiated programs aimed at not only recruiting neurodiverse talent but also establishing a supportive and comfortable work environment for them.

Bridging the gap

Our Manager Awareness Training bridges awareness and action, empowering leaders to take an intersectional approach to confidently create environments where team members can thrive confidently. We help businesses:

  • Understand and raise awareness of neurodiversity, disabilities, and mental health conditions
  • Gain a better understanding of legal frameworks
  • Cultivate inclusive workplaces and recognise the benefits of having a diverse team
  • Understand what types of support and reasonable adjustments are available and the benefits of implementing them within the workplace

We give managers the confidence to manage their teams effectively. Beyond raising awareness, we empower managers with workplace strategies, that they can implement within their teams and create positive change. Often it can be the smallest things that make the biggest difference, such as ensuring all meetings have agendas sent out in advance or providing inclusive measures for hot desking.

Why choose Thriiver?

With over 25 years of experience, we have been championing inclusion for both businesses and individuals and have become experts within the field. We work with you to ensure that the Awareness Training is tailored to be applicable and relevant to achieving your team goals. Our sessions are delivered remotely or in person (location dependent) by fully qualified and expert coaches, who have extensive knowledge and practical understanding of workplace issues.

Are you ready to be empowered and embrace the power of neurodiversity? Reach out to us at hello@thriiver.co.uk to book your training today.

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