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In-house JAWS Trainer

Oct 20, 2023

We are delighted to announce that our inhouse trainer Will Moorey is now a certified JAWS and ZoomText trainer – joining a small pool of less than 40 trainers in the United Kingdom with this qualification.

JAWS, short for Job Access With Speech, is the world’s most widely used screen reader. The software has been designed to assist computer users with visual impairments, which hinder their ability to perceive on-screen content or use a mouse for navigation.

JAWS delivers both spoken and Braille outputs for a vast array of popular computer applications installed on your personal computer including office applications and web browsers. JAWS empowers users to seamlessly navigate the internet, compose documents, read emails, and create presentations.

Team member, Will, holding a stuffed shark and a Jaws movie t-shirt.

For Will, it was important to become a JAWS trainer for two key reasons:

Accessibility Advocate:

By becoming a JAWS trainer, you can actively promote accessibility and inclusivity in the digital world. You’ll be equipped to teach individuals with visual impairments how to use this vital technology, empowering them to navigate and use computers effectively.

Helping Others:

Being a JAWS trainer allows you to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals with visual impairments. You’re providing them with essential skills that enhance their independence, employability, and quality of life.

To become a certified trainer required much time and dedication. The exam comprises a pool of more than 450 questions. From this pool, 85 questions are randomly chosen, covering a diverse range of seven distinct categories. These categories include JAWS features, installation procedures, training materials, effective usage of JAWS for web page navigation and reading, customization of JAWS settings, keyboard shortcuts, familiarity with the Freedom Scientific website, and many more.

From the whole Thriiver team, we want to say Well Done Will … we are really proud to have you on the team.

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