Working in Partnership

Every year Thriiver empower thousands of people to thrive in the workplace. We have been a trusted supplier of assistive technology, training and workplace coaching for over 25 years. As experts in supporting neurodivergent workers, we are considered the go-to source of practical and impartial advice on assistive technology in the work place.

Our collaborative approach has seen us build partnerships with prime organisations, delivering public services on key government projects including Kick Start and Re Start . We work with commissioners regularly to deliver best value on both short- and long-term contracts. We can support leading IT providers with a one-stop-shop for assistive-technology and support with training and coaching needs.



Boosting employability

Our team of employability experts, backed by our occupational psychologist, developed a series of pre-work programmes, utilising our delivery network to boost the career prospects of those seeking work.

Demonstrable results

Underpinning all of our programmes is our ‘distanced travelled model’ enabling us, together with our partners, to gather evidence throughout a client’s journey and chart their progress, demonstrating social value.


Let’s work together

Whether it is taking one of our off the shelf programmes, utilising our delivery network or working something more bespoke, we believe in working together.

Let’s talk, if you are interested in working with us, please get in touch here.

In great company

We have established a network of trusted partners, who we are very proud to work with.


The Pathfinder Programmes have been designed from the ground up to support individuals to open up opportunities by focusing their talents towards finding sustainable employment and a career.

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