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At Thriiver we support employees, employers and businesses to thrive. We have over 25 years’ experience in providing solutions through assistive technology, training and coaching to improve working lives for everyone.

We have been preferred providers for employees referred through the Access to Work scheme due to establishing a national team of occupational psychologists, trainers, coaches and support staff.

Lawrence Howard, CEO, started Thriiver with a vision to aid those with a neurodiverse condition to have better accessibility and support in their working lives. Today, we have established a positive reputation for providing support and solutions to those with confidence and mental health issues, physical disability, neurodiversity or health condition.

Do you understand your responsibilities as an employer under the Equality Act 2010?

Are you aware of the reasonable adjustments you must commit to if you have an employee with a disability?

Did you know that 1 in 6 people have encountered a mental health issue this week. Over 90% won’t tell their employer?

Unsure? Thriiver are here to help you to be a responsible employer. From awareness courses to hands-on support with employees, Thriiver can support your business to adopt a diverse workforce and in-turn thrive.


The benefits of diversity

Thriiver are on a mission to encourage every business to have a diverse workforce. The benefits of diversity include:

  • Variety of different perspectives and ideas
  • Increase productivity and creativity
  • Broader range of skills
  • Produce more revenue
  • Improve employing results
  • Faster problem-solving

We can assist you in achieving a harmonious and united workforce to successfully thrive as a business. We work with a range of organisations to offer a bespoke managed service, offerings from initial pre-screening through to the supply and training of relevant support. Thriiver have developed a fantastic 5 Stage Model to help your business towards a prosperous future:

Step One: Educate

We offer a variety of courses and programmes that can educate employee, employer and the whole organisation to understand and spread awareness surrounding disability and mental health.

Step Two:  Assess

This is the first step to discovering any current issues in the workplace. Thriiver offer three types of assessment depending on the barriers the employee is facing and whether there are any underlying reasons behind this.

Step Three: Progress

Our solution will eliminate stigma, reduce costly errors, any workplace conflicts and reduce performance reviews.

In-turn this will reduce any current sickness costs, increase retention of your staff, staff relationships and productivity levels to your business.

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Step Four: Support

Each organisation we work with has a dedicated Account Manager to assist with any queries. We will work with you to find out the goals you wish to achieve to create your personalised service that we can fulfil.


Step Five: Achieve & Review

Thriiver are passionate about social responsibility and making a positive change. Once we’ve successfully raised awareness, provided solutions and created understanding in your business, we can help you become a Disability Confident Employer.

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Workplace Mental Health Programmes

We offer mental health awareness sessions which can be delivered in a group setting, both in-person, and online.

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Workplace Needs Assessments

A Workplace Needs Assessment would have one of our assessors conduct an assessment on the workstation of the individual being assessed.

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Assistive Technology

Thriiver is an authorised reseller for a wide range of Assistive Technology in including Nuance and Poly. We can provide training and technical support across all of the software we offer.

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Assistive Technology Training

For over 24 years, we have been delivering training across a range of applications and assistive technology and have become renowned for delivery the highest possible standard of sessions.

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Coaching and Co Coaching

Our coaching sessions cover a real variety of topics to help people with soft skills both in the workplace and during pre-employment.

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Technical Support

We have a team of Technical Support Technicians available to help our customers whenever a technical issue arises.

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Disability Awareness Courses

The Disability Awareness Course (DAC) is an online training course that has been designed to help businesses and individuals become more disability aware.

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We can assist you in achieving a harmonious and united workforce to successfully thrive as a business.

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