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Web Browsing Tricks

Trick 1:

Cycle through open windows by pressing Alt + Tab. This allows you to cycle through currently open windows (Alt + Shift + Tab will cycle backwards). This makes switching back and forth between running processes quick and painless.

In macOS the shortcut is  Cmd+ Tab.

Screenshot of windows preview image when using the Alt + Tab function

Trick 2:

There are a number of ways to jump right to the an address bar from anywhere in your browser. Pressing

  • Ctrl + L
  • F6
  • Alt + D

all accomplish this goal.

screenshot of browser page open with highlighted address bar

Trick 3:

Automatically add www. and .com to a URL

Try typing in a URL by simply click Ctrl + Enter after you type the name of the site. Need .net instead? Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.


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