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Inspiration v10


SKU: d374567d0914

Inspiration 10 is a simple but powerful visual thinking tool for creating mind maps, concept maps, graphic organisers, outlines and presentations with ease! 

Inspiration makes it easy to quickly capture your ideas and visually organise them to communicate concepts and strengthen understanding.

Transfer your visual diagram to a written outline in just one-click, perfect for structuring writing plans for papers and reports. 

Then effortlessly transfer your diagrams and outlines to Word, Google Docs, PowerPoint, OneNote, PDF, HTML or as a graphics file.

Inspiration 10 encourages strong critical thinking skills, supports the writing process, and helps you build conceptual understanding to map out your knowledge.


Inspiration 10 is designed to be used by everyone, but is particularly beneficial for users who:


Have difficulty with short term memory, retaining and processing information.  

Get distracted when there is too much text to deal with. 

Find it challenging to express ideas in writing.

Struggle with the structure and layout of essays. 

Often have to take extended recovery breaks from working to alleviate symptoms (e.g. mental health difficulties). 

Have difficulties organising ideas and remaining focused long enough to get ideas written down (e.g. Autistic Spectrum Disorder or mental health difficulties).

Find it hard to develop and deliver presentations.



Brainstorm quickly with the RapidFire® tool. 

Use Inspiration’s 3000+ images, or import your own to represent information and trigger memory.

Show relationships between ideas with linking phrases.

Add notes to symbols to expand on ideas.

Add references and hyperlinks using the Citation tool. Inspiration will then create an alphabetically organised Bibliography section at the end of your outline.

Organise ideas effortlessly using the Arrange tool to create various tree diagrams and webs.

Use colour to highlight key concepts and group information. 

Access 150 templates: thinking skills, education and workplace related

Transform diagrams and mind maps to written outlines with one click. Export effortlessly to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, PowerPoint, OneNote, PDF or as a graphics file.

Windows 10 and 11 compatible.

Inspiration 10 consumes low CPU and memory when running.

It also has a small hard drive storage footprint once installed- 227MB.

The installer file to download is 169MB.

As a rule of thumb, if the device can run Windows successfully, Inspiration 10 will be fine to run on the device.

Administrator rights are required to install Inspiration 10.


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