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What is the Best Assistive Technology For Dyslexia?

Dec 22, 2022

A learning disability called Dyslexia mostly impacts proficient reading and writing. According to estimates, 1 in 10 persons have dyslexia, with 1 in 25 being classified as extremely dyslexic.

Dysleixa is one of many neurodivergent conditions. The concept of neurodivergence acknowledges that no two people are alike. An essential component of a person’s identity is a neurological difference like dyslexia, which is a common variant of the human experience with many positive character features.

People with Dyslexia should have the same opportunities to thrive in the classroom, all the way to the workplace, with the help of assistive technology tools such as speech recognition and word prediction software. Read on for the best assistive technology for Dyslexia.


What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a disorder where people have challenges with word recognition, reading fluency, spelling, and writing. Their capacity to distinguish speech sounds from letters and words, as well as their relationship to one another, is the challenge. The parts of the brain that process language are impacted by dyslexia.

A person’s level of intelligence is NOT reflected by this condition. Many dyslexic individuals succeed in extraordinary endeavours. Indeed, we all know and admire a number of well-known and successful individuals who have dyslexia and learning difficulties.

With the most recent technological advancements, it is getting simpler for those who have dyslexia to adapt to daily life. Students with dyslexia can now anticipate attending college and landing ordinary jobs thanks to assistive technology, specialist tutoring, and customised education programmes.


What is Assistive Technology?

Tools or equipment referred to as assistive technology (AT) are those intended to improve performance and promote independence and self-reliance in people with learning difficulties.

The importance of assistive technology can be summed up as equalising working opportunities for workers with learning challenges and disabilities. Workplace equality is made possible by the right assistive technology. Typical examples of assistive technology include:

  • Reading/writing software
  • Auditory tools
  • Spell-checking software
  • Text-to-speech tools.

The Best Assistive Technology for Dyslexia

The most well-known assistive technology products designed expressly to aid those with dyslexia and other prevalent learning disorders are listed below.

1. Smartpens

Dyslexia smart reader pens help those who have trouble writing, listening, reading, and recalling information. The Livescribe smartpen converts a person’s handwriting into a digital file using a particular piece of paper.

Additionally, they can be used to record audio of what was said, which can then be played back later for those who are having trouble with note taking.

The information can be made incredibly accessible by the software by being organised, replayed, and shared digitally.

2. Text magnifier

With all of the magnification features combined with a potent collection of reading and writing support tools, ZoomText Magnifier Reader offers a comprehensive access solution.

The programme magnifies, enhances, and reads aloud anything on the computer screen. It is a fully integrated magnification and screen reading programme utilising text to speech software.

It features xFont magnification that is incredibly clear, customizable pointers, cursors, and colours, whole screen reading, simple document reading tools, and much more.

3. Spell check

One of the biggest and most common struggles for dyslexic children and adults is spelling. With the correct assistance, most dyslexic individuals may learn to read fluently; nevertheless, spelling tends to be a challenge that lasts a lifetime.

The reason why this is the case is unclear. Dyslexia is well documented to affect phonological processing and memory. This means people with dyslexia may have trouble hearing the various little sounds in words (phonemes) and having trouble breaking words down into their component components for spelling.

Medincle Spellchecker can make the writing process easier for dyslexic employees and students. It integrates with your browsers and word programmes, such as Microsoft Word, to comprehend the extensive vocabulary you use.

4. Texthelp Read & Write

The educational software TextHelp Read&Write Access to Work Licence supports one’s reading and writing abilities. Users may continue with daily operations without interruption because of the toolbar’s simple operation and ability to run alongside other applications.

Customers that purchase a three-year subscription to Read&Write get access to all platform variations inside a single licence, a consistent user interface and functionality, and straightforward user authentication for sign-in.

This product provides limitless downloads and is compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Google Chrome.

Looking for Assistive Technology Training?

Thriiver is committed to making their workplaces more accessible for workers with disabilities. We are experts in offering an extensive selection of assistive technology solutions that may be customised to fit the unique requirements of any organisation.

We can assist you in supporting your disabled employees and creating a workplace where everyone can succeed. Our services range from workplace needs assessments to assistive technologies, workplace mental health training, and more.

If you’re looking for assistive technology for your workplace, we can help. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services, or simply shop now.

Assistive Technology For Dyslexia FAQs

What technology features support learners with Dyslexia?

Spell-checking software, text-to-speech programmes and voice recognition software are common technologies used to assist with reading, spelling and writing. Applications for mind mapping and taking notes, as well as electronic calendars, can help with organisation.

What is the best assistive technology for Dyslexia?

A variety of handheld devices, PC hardware, and software are available to make life easier for those who have dyslexia.

One of the most popular technologies are Smart Pens that can be used to write text, track the text being written and reconstruct the audio file in digital format. The text can then be uploaded by the pen to a computer, tablet, or smartphone for later processing or electronic distribution.

What optical technology can help people with Dyslexia?

Colours and fonts can be a tremendous help to dyslexic learners. Nevertheless, modifying graphics and aesthetics presents a more difficult challenge. The optical character recognition (OCR) technology can be useful in this situation.

Technology is useful for more than just on-screen images. It can also be used to photograph various objects and read them out to dyslexic employees.

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